Tofu!! The benefits are not normal

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Tofu!! The benefits are not normal

Tofu is a diet of soybeans of high quality and easy digestion. Sometimes the Chinese call it tofu. "Bone meat" protein in earwax and other foods from soy are beneficial. Growth of soy protein affects the classification of nutrients. Good cholesterol helps prevent cardiovascular disease, especially those who have high cholesterol problems and also have low calorie, low fat, so it is suitable for weight controllers with less fiber, so it is easy to digest.

Contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the prevention of breast cancer and gastric cancer. Supplements for healthy people in menopause.

Tofu has a 2,000-year-old origin in mainland China, a group of people who have initiated innovative Thai cooking, ruthless people (tofu), cruel or stupid tofu, or sometimes called tofu.

Tofu History

The first tofu in China is told that Liu's prince ordered the mashed potatoes to be ground into powder and then boiled to the soup with seasoning. The rioters should give the chef a light batter to get the best food to chew on. Soybean soup gradually catches the fattening. When the mother of the cake and "delicious", the prince let the chefs search for the report that soy flour mixed with milk to powder. Soy bean has long been to Japan in the Nara period with a record. As part of the menu, the aristocracy and samurai collectors were savored in the Edo period. But he knows how. Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism, Roman Catholicism Dewa in Japanese cuisine without class.


There are many types of market together without worrying about the kind of strength and strength. Whatever will be, it will be good. This is the food in this.

Deep fried tofu with sweet and sour taste, freshly squeezed tofu, fried tofu, fried tofu, fried vegetables or tofu, stuffed with onions, mushrooms, noodles instead of meatballs to another.

Tofu is a gentle, growth-inhibiting and pork-based blend of essential oils that are a mixture of essential oils. General meat

Tofu, stuffed squid stuffed with pork, tofu, pork, curry, tofu, stuffed pork, stuffed pork, pork chop, tofu If it is J Festival, it is used to make this kind of dumplings instead of pork.

Tofu, Parmesan, Tofu, Pork, Tofu, Pork, Tofu, Pork, Tofu, Stuffed Pork, Roselle, Fish, Canned

Tofu Black Beans Tofu White Tofu Pork Tofu Pork Tofu Butter Roses Tofu Cooked vegetables are fried or eaten fresh as well.

Tofu in the outlet of soft meat should be packed in a plastic tube to be used to make soup tofu and fried to fried corn flour.

Tofu, Japanese (kunan) type, looks similar to white tofu, which is suitable for making soup or steaming hot sauce with sauce or soy sauce.

Japanese Tofu (Mozambique) Japanese Tofu Chocolate (Mozambique)

Tofu fried (bundle) in the market is sold in the form of a powdered or dried powder, Chinese imported to fried, eaten with porridge or boiled water.

Tofu to cook all kinds of food for health and beauty.

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